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Women take less life cover than men Number of women who are the main breadwinners to double in 20 years

posted 14 Oct 2009 women worker

Research had shown that in spite of the vast improvement in the equality of the employment opportunities and life expectancy, women still stay less likely to be adequately insured than men. The research as recent as from 2005 had shown that number of women who bought the life insurance had doubled since 1999, but still women are more likely to be under insured than man.

This attitude is related to a traditional view that women are not responsible to be the main breadwinner in the household. But the research carried by the Future Foundation, predicts that the number of the households where women is primarily responsible for household income is going to double in the next 20 years.

All the women in this situation should reasonably consider taking some form of life cover, that is either going protect their income if they fall ill, or in the worst case provide their dependents with some income should it happen that she dies. It is worth noting, that because on average women live eight years longer than men, life cover for women tends to be cheaper than for men.

If you are married and would like to have an adequate joint insurance policy with your partner you might consider the life cover that pays out on the first death.

In the case you are a single woman with no dependents you might consider the importance of a proper serious illness insurance, that will guarantee an income for a limited period of time, should you fall ill.


Life Insurance policy and a medical check up In some cases insurer might require that you take a medical exam

posted 11 Oct 2009 medical instruments

If you are serious about getting the life insurance policy than all that your insurer will most likely ask from you is a general medical exam. Something like a quick MOT, just an oil and tire check, and you will be back on the road agian, in no time at all.

The requirement for medical exam might vary depending on how old you are, the state of your general health, your family's health history and the amount of life cover that you want. This type of medical exam is very common and the doctor will only be required to check your blood pressure, pulse, weight and height. In some cases ou might be required to provide urine or blod sample to verify weather you are taking drugs or somking. This is a good test to do, at least from time to time, because it will show the state of your general health and weather you possibly have high blood shugar levels or any signs of a kidney disease.

In the very rare cases you might be required to go for ECG, to check your heart, or even X-ray to check general state of your lungs.

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