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THE BEST UK PROVIDERS ONLY Let the big names of UK's life assurance industry do the work for you.

Our dedicated team of expert brokers will do all the search for you, FREE of charge, and contact the most established UK providers of life assurance products. Because we constantly bring business to these life insurance providers, they provide us with a competitive wholesale discount on all their products, which we shall than generously pass on you.

Here is the table with few examples of the life cover quotes we can obtain for you:

Life Insurance Quotes starting from:
Aviva £7.64
Scottish Provident £8.37
LV £7.11

Whenever there are unique life assurance offers or special deals, for example on a term cover, we will be immediately able to inform you and get a right insurer in touch with you. You can rest assured that you will always have access to these opportunities.


At every point in the process, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, since there is no obligation on your side and all the life insurance services that we provide are completely FREE.

The range of products that we currently offer are: fixed term cover, decreasing cover, serious illness cover, life cover for both single parents and couples. Each one of those products is underwritten by a well established UK company.

HOW MUCH COVER DO I NEEDMany people underestimate the sum needed to provide adequate protection.

The main point of taking life insurance cover is to provide for your family even in the worst possible case. Now, providing a less than adequate sum can be as bad as providing no cover at all. For example, £150,000 can sound as a lot, but if you do some quick, back of the envelope sums, you'll see that it might be a very difficult for a familly of say four, to survive on that provision for 20 years.

The total sum required for a cover is the first bit of information every insurer will ask from you. That is why you need to do some homework before you start searching for the life cover quote. You are the best person in the world to estimate needs of your family in the future and preparing this figure is akin to making a simple business plan.

We prepared some tips on which questions to ask yourself in order to estimate adequate cover for your family. Please, follow this link to life cover estimate tips.

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